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Dosing Pump Maintenance

Dosing is a large part of keeping your coral happy and healthy. On our 125g grow out tank we are using the Bubble Magus BM-T11 dosing pump. It has 3 independent motors that dose our Alk, Calc, and Mag supplements daily.

Today we came in and found a loud beeping noise. Pump #3 was stuck. The fix is usually quick and easy and this is how we got things back up and working.

  1. Remove outer casing - the clips on the side allow the entire casing to come off

  2. Remove the backing

  3. Test to make sure the motor is running - this can be done by manually running the pump by scrolling through the settings

  4. Remove the 3 wheels

  5. Remove the tubing, make sure there is no clog in the tubbing

  6. Reassemble in the opposite direction, make sure the wheels turn freely

  7. Put the backing back on, it should just snap in to place

  8. Replace the casing on back on the box

  9. Run it manually again

  10. We recommend every 3-6 months run warm RODI water through any dosing pump to clear the lines.

  11. If you have a clog that won't clear and the motor is running fine, the tubing can usually be replaced pretty easily!

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